Fire Accident at Milton Margai School For The Blind, Education Minister Calls For Support


By Ibrahim Hashim

Last night, Fire broke out at the Milton Margai School for the Blind at Wilkinson Road, Freetown, prompting the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education(MBSSE), David Monina Sengeh to call for support from stakeholders in the country.

According to Minister Sengeh, the fire broke at the the school last night while the kids were sleeping.
“Luckily, one teacher living in another quarter saw the fire and screamed. Fire was between the girls’ dormitory and the matron’s. With the steel door locked on one side, the only way to save the girls was through the fire,” he stated.

The Minister further thanked the security staff, the matron and community youth who ran through the fire to save all of the more than 30 girls in the school, adding Some of them had to jump from one storey up to survive.

“I have been at the scene to engage the school admin and pupils. We will send our professional staff to assess the damage so we can immediately begin renovations so the children can have a safe living environment,” Minster Sengeh said.

He added that, “We invite all stakeholders to support the school and the kids so they can resume their normal activities. Government will send some school supplies immediately and provide counselling to the children as needed.

The feedback so far is that even before the arrival of fire force, the youth were on hand helping and sacrificing their own life.

“The school is very grateful to the neighbours and community. A school is only a school because of the community it belongs in and the community it serves. We want to thank the Wilkinson Road and Cockrill community for stepping up to save our children,” Minister Sengeh noted.

“Now, we are calling on the wider community to step in an help them get back to normalcy,” he added.
The MBSSE Minister called on people to raise money in your churches or mosques, offer their engineering services, provide building and renovation materials, offer uniform services, etc.
“Whatever you can, let’s do!”

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