Innovation Challenge 2023 of the World Food Programme (WFP) (up to $100,000)

Innovation Challenge 2023 of the World Food Programme

Expires on July 19, 2023 | Innovation Challenge 2023 of the World Food Programme (WFP) (up to $100,000)

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Innovation Challenge 2023 is now accepting applications. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and world hunger are two issues that the World Food Programme (WFP) Innovation Accelerator is dedicated to finding, fostering, and scaling up. They are launching the WFP Innovation Challenge in response to the unprecedented global food crisis in order to find ground-breaking technologies that cater to the immediate needs of millions of people who are suffering from hunger.

One in ten people on the planet, or over 828 million people, still go to bed hungry every night. A record high 345 million people now experience severe food insecurity, up from 135 million in 2019. In the meantime, rising food and fuel prices have caused the expense of providing food aid to reach previously unheard-of heights. Millions of people are now unable to get food due to rising costs for food and transportation, which have been made worse by the economic effects of the pandemic, climate change, and the situation in Ukraine. This has a substantial impact on WFP’s operations.

The WFP Innovation Challenge’s current iteration aims to find and fund revolutionary social solutions that tackle significant obstacles in the battle against hunger. The WFP wants to make sure that every donation dollar is used as efficiently as possible to combat hunger while minimizing the need for ration cuts, so they are particularly interested in solutions for humanitarian relief and supply chain resilience.


  • Apply for up to $100,000 in equity-free funding, with additional funding contingent upon advancement and the quantifiable accomplishment of important goals.
  • Teams may also be eligible for additional funding and support if they are scaling innovations that have proven their principles and value for social impact. Succeeding teams will collaborate with WFP’s worldwide network of partners and field operations in more than 120 countries and territories.
  • Working with technical and industrial mentors will provide you the possibility to advance more quickly and receive support. A three to five day WFP Innovation Bootcamp and Pitch Event will be attended by selected social innovators.
  • To speed up implementation, teams will be able to access and make use of our extensive network of public, corporate, and governmental partners.


If you run a startup

  • When you submit your application, your start-up must already be incorporated. It may be either profitable or charitable.
  • The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage is the absolute minimum for your concept. Initial traction and proof-of-concept are preferred.
  • Your proposed solution must be commercially feasible.
  • Your proposal needs to demonstrate how collaborating with WFP will advance your long-term goals.
  • If you work for the WFP
  • Your team needs proof of backing from the country office and support from the management.
  • Regardless of your contract type or function, you are urged to apply.
  • WFP personnel who are working with NGOs, the government, or the commercial sector can submit project proposals.

Judging Standards

Applications will be evaluated using a uniform set of standards established by the WFP Innovation Accelerator, such as:

The degree of innovation the solution brings to WFP and the humanitarian sector at large; alignment with WFP operational priorities and the impact towards the Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger; and indicators that the solution can be feasibly integrated and financed in the long-term, including the team qualifications.


Companies and start-ups may apply here.
WFP staff can apply here.

Visit the WFP Accelerator website for additional details.

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